One-off Consultation

You don’t have to be building a new home or renovating to avail of Fiona’s services.

You can get a 1.5 hour consultation or a full day consultation in your own home.
During the consultation Fiona gives general advice throughout the house or
concentrates on a specific area.

All information is given to the client on the day.

Some topics clients like to get advice on:

  • Paint Colour for each room
  • Furniture layout
  • Storage solutions bespoke or ikea options
  • Bathroom layout
  • Flooring, carpet , tiles, timber etc
  • Kitchen layout
  • Should I extend or work with what I have?
  • Lamps what size and style
  • How to treat windows
  • Finishing touches
  • Where to hang pictures and what size they should be
  • Where to source items being suggested
  • Tradesmen from “my little black book”
  • Budgets – how far will my budget go?
  • How to attack the project what order should work be carried out in

For furthur details on how to contact me please visit the Contact Page