Q: I am building a new house and would like to get interior advise but I don’t know where to start?

A: If you don’t have a direct referral or have not seen the work of a designer, I would suggest selecting 2 to 3 interior designers, have a meeting with each one in your home to discuss your requirements. You need to identify if they are right for you and the project. Building a home is a very personal process and you need to have a good working relationship with your designer. Once you have received quotations for the work, base your decision on their experience, overall value and how well you think you can work with them.

Q: Do you as a designer, only work with clients who only have the same style as you?

A: No, I totally work with my client’s individual style and I help them translate what that style is, and how they would like to live. I like to create a unique space for every client. I have experience delivering both traditional and contemporary homes and I like to mix modern and classic that brings timeless elegance to each project.

Q: Can you work to a specific budget?

A: Yes, every project no matter how big or small should have a budget. I pride myself in bringing in my projects on time and within budget. I always advise from the outset what can be achieved with the budget, I cost everything first on the project and the client only goes ahead when they are totally comfortable with all costs.

Q: I am having my home repainted would I get all the paint colours from a 1.5 hour consultation? Also can you help with exterior paint?

A: Yes, we would cover all paint colours for the whole house, but I will also give advice on finishing touches or things that are not working for you at the moment. We would maximise the time I am working with you and not confine it to just paint. Yes I select exterior paint for walls, windows, front door etc.

Q: I am severally stuck for storage space in my house, is this something you can advise on.

A: Yes, I will look at all areas in the house, depending on the budget I can prepare drawings for bespoke built-in- storage to be made by a carpenter or cabinet maker OR it is amazing what you can get in ikea which is something I can also advise on, arrange to be purchased, delivered and assembled in your own home.

Q: Do you work outside of Cork? I live in Wexford and built my own home 3 years ago, once we moved in I didn’t finish a lot of things. Would you come for a day to cover finishing touches in my home?

A: Yes, I have no problem working outside of Cork and a day’s consultation would be perfect if you would like to cover finishing touches. I would go through all rooms and prepare a to do list for you, injecting your own personality and character into the home but still working with your original style.

Q: Do you design bathrooms, I am redesigning my house and I can’t seem to get to grips with the bathrooms ?

A: Yes, I offer a full design service when it comes to bathrooms, I start by finding out what you like and don’t.
I then prepare floorplans showing the overall layout. I present sanitary ware to complement the suggested design and then I oresent the finishes for the floor and walls. I can also oversee the complete installation if required. Or you could simply take a once off consultation where I give advise on what to do and where to source the items and you carry out the leg work.